Why did we vote for the Greens?

Vote.com/Greens voted to change the voting system in NSW.On Saturday, the Australian Greens will be holding their first-ever NSW election in which they will contest all 50 seats, and the NSW Greens are on course to win the seat of Coffs Harbour in 2018.As of today, the party has secured an overall margin of 6.3 […]

How to win in a crowded primary: What’s in play for candidates and groups ahead of the next round of primaries and caucuses?

The biggest news in tech politics is that, if all goes well, the Republican Party will be a winner in November, thanks to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.We talked to several Republican techies about how the party can get out ahead of a primary and caucus that is dominated by a few techies and is […]

How to build a smart community of networks

Learn how to build smart networks of nodes, routers, and switches that can collectively communicate with one another.The network can also provide information to the nodes and routers, allowing them to share information, such as location, and send alerts to other nodes, allowing the nodes to communicate with each other more quickly.This post is part […]