How to save on your mortgage payments

The biggest mortgage loan consolidation bill ever introduced in Congress is the Consumer Finance Protection Act.But that’s not the only bill on the chopping block.The House Finance Committee is expected to vote Tuesday on a $4.1 trillion bill that would reduce the interest rate on government debt.It’s called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.If it […]

How to build a bot that makes you feel good about your time

A new study finds that you’re more likely to be happy when your brain is busy, and that’s thanks to the way your brain works.Topics:mind-body,psychology-and-psychiatry,personal-behaviour,health,work,community-and/or-society,psychiatrists-and,psychosis,behavioural-disorder,australia,melbourne-3000,brisbane-4000,vic Source Google News title How do you feel when your mind is busy?The science behind the way you think article We’ve all heard that feeling overwhelmed is a natural part […]

How to use the Facebook Ads SDK

This post describes how to use Facebook Ads in your app.For more information, see Facebook Ads: How to get started.This post applies to the latest version of the app.If you need help upgrading, see Getting the most out of Facebook Ads.For a list of supported platforms, see Platforms supported by Facebook Ads (platforms not listed […]