Canadians want more information about vaccine safety, but there’s no easy answer

Canada has been dealing with the coronavirus outbreak and vaccine safety issues.A lot of Canadians, especially those in remote communities, have been asking what can be done to make sure their loved ones are protected.So far, there is no easy solution.“It’s a very complex issue, and we need more data and more information,” said Michelle […]

How to post your

with Facebook and Twitter without getting locked out article Facebook, Twitter, and the social media site are all owned by Facebook.However, when you create an account, Facebook will lock you out if you’re already logged in.You’ll also need to log out if Facebook wants to post content to your account.Here’s how to post an article […]

How to create a social network

The next big innovation in social networks is that of a ‘platform’ that lets you share content, and in turn, create an online community of users.The new platform that’s on the rise, however, is a social one.In the world of news, social media has exploded in popularity, especially in the past year.With the internet having […]

What does it mean to be a parent?

We’ve all seen parents in a different way at different points in our lives.What’s the difference?Take our poll and let us know!1.Are you a parent or not? 1.Is your partner or not a parent?:  2.How old are you?: 3.Is there a family member or not?: 4.What is your gender?: 5.Are there siblings or not : 6.Are […]