Social media, groups and voting: A few tips

TalkSport understands that a lot of people may be sceptical of online voting in the upcoming election.This is because the online voting process is a new one for Australia.So, as always, it’s important to remember that a big part of this election is about what’s happening in the real world.And it’s the people who are […]

When you don’t know your country

When you’ve spent a decade in one place and have no idea what country you are, what your job title is, and what your citizenship status is, the chances of you living anywhere else in the world are high. But when you’re stuck in one spot, there is little choice but to learn the language of […]

‘It’s a miracle’: Antonio Conte on Andrea Pirlo’s injury and Juventus’ chances

It’s a moment of absolute triumph for Antonio Conseco.Juventus are undefeated in Serie A and the Italian champions are two points clear of Juventus, who have just one game remaining in their Champions League tie against Udinese.It’s an incredible achievement by Conte, and a game-changer.Conte’s team have played a total of four times in the […]

How to avoid a Trump-Russia story

News is breaking on the Russia story that has engulfed President Donald Trump’s administration.A story by the Washington Post that is now at the center of a major congressional investigation into Trump’s campaign’s dealings with Russia has the potential to have major consequences.And a new Wall Street Journal report shows how the story has been […]