‘It’s a miracle’: Antonio Conte on Andrea Pirlo’s injury and Juventus’ chances

It’s a moment of absolute triumph for Antonio Conseco.Juventus are undefeated in Serie A and the Italian champions are two points clear of Juventus, who have just one game remaining in their Champions League tie against Udinese.It’s an incredible achievement by Conte, and a game-changer.Conte’s team have played a total of four times in the […]

How to build a bot that makes you feel good about your time

A new study finds that you’re more likely to be happy when your brain is busy, and that’s thanks to the way your brain works.Topics:mind-body,psychology-and-psychiatry,personal-behaviour,health,work,community-and/or-society,psychiatrists-and,psychosis,behavioural-disorder,australia,melbourne-3000,brisbane-4000,vic Source Google News title How do you feel when your mind is busy?The science behind the way you think article We’ve all heard that feeling overwhelmed is a natural part […]

When you want to connect to an Internet connection but don’t have an internet connection to begin with

This article is about the future of mobile communications.To stay up to date on the latest from FourFourtwo and the mobile industry, sign up for our weekly newsletter.4 comments Share Your Story: Your Mobile Experience Is Here Share your stories, experiences and experiences to help others.If you would like to contribute to the article or […]

How to use the Facebook Ads SDK

This post describes how to use Facebook Ads in your app.For more information, see Facebook Ads: How to get started.This post applies to the latest version of the app.If you need help upgrading, see Getting the most out of Facebook Ads.For a list of supported platforms, see Platforms supported by Facebook Ads (platforms not listed […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to give his personal view of the future of social media

Facebook CEOMark Zuckerberg has revealed he’s not entirely sure how much social media will evolve in the years to come.In an interview with The Atlantic, Zuckerberg said he’d rather “talk about social media, but I don’t think we’re going to change how people communicate in the future”.Zuckerberg said social media is “the foundation” of the […]