‘The Big Bang Theory’ stars reveal how they are tackling social anxiety, addiction, and depression

With “The Big Show” season seven premiering Tuesday night, CBS has shared a glimpse into the minds of the cast and crew.“The Bionic Woman” stars Michelle Yeoh and Andy Samberg are joined by “The Mindy Project” star and former “The Office” cast member, Scott Baio.“All of us were really concerned that we were going to […]

How to win in a crowded primary: What’s in play for candidates and groups ahead of the next round of primaries and caucuses?

The biggest news in tech politics is that, if all goes well, the Republican Party will be a winner in November, thanks to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.We talked to several Republican techies about how the party can get out ahead of a primary and caucus that is dominated by a few techies and is […]

Microsoft’s HoloLens ‘loses’ its magic in the face of Google’s Pixel 2 review

Microsoft’s new HoloLens virtual reality headset, which has been heralded as a breakthrough technology, is being accused of losing its magic over time.The headset is currently only available in China and Taiwan, and only the most tech-savvy consumers have had a chance to try it out.But Microsoft is apparently having none of it.Speaking at the […]

What happens when a Facebook page with thousands of members loses its Facebook status?

Posted September 07, 2019 09:57:55The Facebook page of a family that has been running a mobile application for people to find a local fire station in British Columbia has gone missing, with the social media giant saying the information was deleted after it was discovered it was a hoax.The family says it has now contacted […]