What we know about Real Madrid in 2017

It’s been a year to remember for Real Madrid.The club has reached the Champions League final twice and reached the last 16 of the Europa League for the first time in its history.In addition, Real Madrid are the first club to have reached the Copa del Rey final.Here is everything we know.

How to post your

with Facebook and Twitter without getting locked out article Facebook, Twitter, and the social media site are all owned by Facebook.However, when you create an account, Facebook will lock you out if you’re already logged in.You’ll also need to log out if Facebook wants to post content to your account.Here’s how to post an article […]

GOP candidate ‘will fight the Trump administration to save Obamacare’

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush on Wednesday said he will fight to save the Affordable Care Act and defend the rights of millions of Americans to keep their health insurance.“When the Trump Administration tries to roll back millions of protections for Americans, we will fight it,” the former Republican presidential candidate said during an appearance […]