What happens when a Facebook page with thousands of members loses its Facebook status?

Posted September 07, 2019 09:57:55The Facebook page of a family that has been running a mobile application for people to find a local fire station in British Columbia has gone missing, with the social media giant saying the information was deleted after it was discovered it was a hoax.The family says it has now contacted […]

When does ‘Star Wars’ finally end?

After a year of speculation and anticipation, the final episode of Star Wars: The Last Jedi will come to a close.But, the latest report by EW reveals that it will be more of a cliffhanger than a satisfying conclusion.While the title says it all, the title of the new season is the most telling, with […]

‘I was going to make it a one-man show’: How Ricky Ponting went from being a Test player to being a champion at the same time

The last time Ricky Pontings mind flicked, it was at the 2014 World Cup in England.Ponting was playing for Australia, and the team was in its second Test series.He had just made his Test debut, and had just been bowled by Ricky Ponties old Test captain, Shane Watson.It was the last time Ponting could remember […]

When the FBI raided the home of a Florida woman who says she was tortured by agents, her lawyer says it’s time for a new generation of whistleblowers

A woman who believes she was abducted by agents of the FBI and tortured at a secret prison has sued the bureau, accusing it of lying to her.The lawsuit filed in federal court in Jacksonville, Florida, says the bureau’s actions against Jessica Shaw, a Florida resident, amounted to kidnapping and torture and that agents used […]

When China’s Internet giants lose their way, it can be hard to recover

China is a country of 1.2 billion people with a sprawling economy.It has a vast number of microblogging platforms, hundreds of thousands of smartphone users, and thousands of television stations and radio stations.Nowhere is this more obvious than in China’s booming Internet market.It is a rapidly growing, rapidly mobile and rapidly interconnected market, and it […]