What you need to know about the FCC’s new net neutrality rules

Today’s FCC announcement is a victory for net neutrality advocates who were worried that the rules would hurt businesses and consumers.But it’s not the final word on what the FCC will do about net neutrality.Here’s what you need know about what the new net-neutrality rules mean for your favorite websites, apps, and streaming services.

How to vote, use Twitter, vote on Facebook and more

Vote, vote and follow all the social networks.The voting site, which allows people to vote for their favourite celebrities and politicians, has more than 100 million registered users.“Vote is not just a voting platform.It’s a platform for the people to participate,” said Matt Coughlin, the founder of Vote.“People are sharing photos and video of themselves […]

How social media helped make the internet so real, writes Jennifer P. Krieger

The social media revolution has made the internet, and the internet in particular, a central part of our lives.But now, a new generation of Americans is being asked to grapple with what it means to have the internet at their fingertips.In this conversation, Jennifer P, Kriegher, and Amy Coney-Brown explore what social media has meant […]