How to share a story in the app of your favorite TV show

Share stories in the Apple TV app using the new Siri Remote control, according to Apple’s Siri community.

The feature is only available on select Apple TV devices, including the Apple Cinema 5, Apple TV Stick, and Apple TV.

The new Siri control works similar to the new iPhone Remote control on older models, but it only works when the Apple Remote is on the same side of the screen as the TV.

Apple says you can set up up your Apple TV to share stories on the TV by choosing the Apple App Store app as the remote control.

You’ll also need to select the TV’s remote control as the device you want to share your story to.

You can share a single story or multiple stories using Siri.

There are two ways to share in the TV app: The first is via a video that you can then stream to your Apple Watch or your iPhone using the built-in remote.

When the Apple Watch is connected to your Mac or PC, you can see the current video from the TV in the News app, and you can select a new video to stream from the Apple Video app.

When you do that, you’ll see a pop-up saying that the Apple Television Remote Control is not currently active on the device.

The other way to share is through Apple TV itself.

When your TV is on, the Siri Remote Control will appear in the Siri menu on the Apple Home screen.

From here, you will be able to choose to share the Apple News app on your Apple Home or iOS device, or to share content in the HomeKit app on the iPad.

If you select the Apple YouTube app as your video source, Siri will also automatically pick up the AppleTV Remote Control.

Once you have your new Siri remote control, you won’t need to switch back to the Home screen or the Apple Music app.

Once a video is shared on your TV, it’s shared automatically, regardless of whether it was already shared on Apple TV or not.

This is similar to how Siri works with Apple TV, though the difference here is that the app will now let you add your story in its own section of the News section.

You won’t be able edit or delete stories shared in the Messages app, though you can share them from the News or News Pocket app.

The next big Siri feature in the news app is the Apple Sports app.

This includes a number of other features, including live score updates for a game and the ability to search through the team and player stats for the next day.

Apple’s new Sports app includes new features like live score, player stats, and analytics.

Live score: The Apple Sports section now includes live score for all of the sports you’re following on your mobile device.

Live scores are displayed as a bar on the home screen and you’ll be able tap on them to view your personal stats and the most recent scores for the selected sports.

You also can search for a specific sports by entering the sport’s name, location, and team name, and it’ll display a list of all the players for that sports.

The app also has an analytics section, which allows you to compare your results to the rest of the league and see which team is in first place.

You’re able to view all the player statistics for each team for the current day, the day before, and the day after the current game.

Analytics: You can now see the last five stats for each player in the stats for a given game.

This can be a great way to compare the players performance with that of the other team.

For example, if you want the last stat for the Lakers for the game last night, you could tap on the Lakers name in the Stats section and then hit the refresh button to get the last 5 stats.

You will also be able view player ratings, the team’s current win percentage, and their average point differential for the team.

The analytics section is a great place to look at all of these stats and see how your team is performing against the other teams.

You may also want to take a look at how well your team performed versus the teams in the league as a whole.

You could see the best players and the worst players in each game, as well as how the players are doing on offense and defense.

You might want to check out the best teams at home and on the road.

You get to see how many shots the players took and how many rebounds they had, too.

You have the ability also to compare players and teams, which you can do by clicking on the players name in each team’s stat section.

This feature is particularly useful for people who want to compare how a team is doing versus another team in a certain league or on a given night.

You’ve got access to all of your player stats from the previous day, which means you can compare how well players performed on offense versus defense versus overall.

If a player is on a team with high offensive rating, you may be able see how well they