How to post your

with Facebook and Twitter without getting locked out article Facebook, Twitter, and the social media site are all owned by Facebook.

However, when you create an account, Facebook will lock you out if you’re already logged in.

You’ll also need to log out if Facebook wants to post content to your account.

Here’s how to post an article on Facebook without Facebook blocking you.


Go to the Facebook page and choose Edit article from the menu.


Scroll down and select the “Show my posts” button.


Click on the “Manage posts” link on the right side of the page.


Under “edit,” click on “Create account.”


Enter your Facebook username, password, and email address, and click on the Create Account button.


Enter the password for your account, and hit “Submit.”


If you’re having trouble getting your account set up, try following these steps: 1.

Open Facebook.

2: Click on “Settings.”

3: Under “Account settings,” click “Change password” and select your Facebook password.

4: You can also sign up for a free account.

5: Click “Sign up.”

6: You’ll be taken to your Facebook profile page.

7: Click the “More info” button on the bottom right corner.

8: You should see your Facebook account name, username, and password.

9: Now you’re ready to post.


Click “Create post.”


Click the “+” icon on the top right corner of your Facebook post.


At the top of your post, type in your Facebook user name and password, as well as a hashtag that you’d like to share.


You should now see a “Post” button appear next to your post.


You can now start posting to your favorite social media sites.

If your posts get locked out, you’ll need to change your password and reset your password on the Facebook site first.

If it’s not working, contact Facebook support.