Why you’re wearing a ‘do’ shirt in the Olympics

By James Goss, The Sport Bulletin The Olympic swimmers have got some serious swag to get ready for Rio.

A couple of new shirts and an exclusive t-shirt offer up some pretty great swag.

The swimmers wear the new swimwear in a series of swag, apparel and accessories.

The new swag is the Swimwear Collection.

It features a swag bag, a swim jacket, a hat, a necklace, a pair of goggles, a bracelet, and a few other items.

These items are limited to the first 500 people to wear the swimwear collection, which is scheduled to launch in August.

Swimwear Collection The Swimwear collection is one of the most popular swimwear offerings from the Olympic Swimwear Program.

They have an assortment of swimwear, swim apparel and swim accessories for athletes to wear to the Olympics.

It has a lot of different swag items.

First up, there is the swim bag, which features a full-length mesh hood.

It’s a big bag that fits like a full swimsuit.

There is a zipper on the back and there is a pocket on the side of the bag.

The swim jacket features a wide collar, a hooded neckline, a removable waist band, and an open back panel.

It also has a zipper for a pocket.

A swim jacket is also available for men, and it features a jacket sleeve, a front zip, and zippers on the shoulders.

Next up is the T-shirt.

It comes in three different sizes: Small, Medium, Large.

There are no discounts for the swim and water polo shirts.

The small T-shirts are $29.99 each.

They are a mix of light, medium, and large.

They come in sizes Small, Small Medium, Medium Large, Large XL, Large XXL.

Lastly, there are the goggles.

They are available in various colors, and the hooded goggles come in red, yellow, blue, purple, and green.

The goggles come with a zip that allows the wearer to keep the goggles closed.

Finally, there’s a swim mask.

This swim mask is available in a variety of colors.

There’s red, blue and purple.

It is a mesh-like hood, which has an elastic waistband and a mesh side panel.

In total, there will be over 700 pieces of swags for the swimmers to wear in Rio.

You can check out the swag collection at the Swimsuits website.

Here are the swags and swimwear available for Rio: Swimmers swag The swimwear for the Rio Games.

Olympic swag A swag item from the Swimsuit Collection.

(Courtesy of the SwimSwimSwag) Odds are, if you haven’t already bought some swag for Rio, you’ll be in the market for it.

Here is a list of swamsuits that are available for sale in the Games.