How to create a Twitter account without having a Twitter profile

A few years ago, Twitter launched its own mobile app.

Now, the company is hoping to use this app to help its more established businesses gain traction.

According to a new report from The Next Google, Twitter is also experimenting with building an app that allows users to create and share Twitter accounts.

The app is called ‘@Totem’ and it allows users and groups to add followers, follow, and even retweet followers.

The app also allows users create and delete accounts.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According the report, Twitter will soon introduce ‘Totems’ that allow users to follow other people, manage followers, and manage followers in a single account.

Users will be able to create one ‘Temper’ account, which allows the user to follow, follow or delete people.

The company said that users will also be able create and manage their own groups.

In a blog post, Twitter said that ‘Tems’ will allow for “more powerful collaboration and sharing capabilities” and will allow users “to share tweets, comments, pictures, photos with people, and share news with others.”