GOP candidate ‘will fight the Trump administration to save Obamacare’

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush on Wednesday said he will fight to save the Affordable Care Act and defend the rights of millions of Americans to keep their health insurance.

“When the Trump Administration tries to roll back millions of protections for Americans, we will fight it,” the former Republican presidential candidate said during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Bush also warned of a “slow and painful death” of the ACA as the Trump presidency has become more “disastrous” in his view.

“It is not only a political football, it is a political death game,” he said.

“The ACA is the single largest economic stimulus package ever created in this country.

It is a law of unprecedented magnitude.

It will save the lives of millions,” he added.

Trump has said the Affordable CARE Act is a “disaster” and a “train wreck” that has hurt the country and has created a “crisis.”

Bush said he wants to “stop the train.”

“I will stop the train before it hits the station,” he continued.

“And if you want to know what the trains are for, you have to be on the train.

And the trains will be the death of the bill, not the death.”