When does ‘Star Wars’ finally end?

After a year of speculation and anticipation, the final episode of Star Wars: The Last Jedi will come to a close.

But, the latest report by EW reveals that it will be more of a cliffhanger than a satisfying conclusion.

While the title says it all, the title of the new season is the most telling, with Luke Skywalker’s death at the hands of the Death Star (in a deleted scene) bringing a final, emotional twist to the saga.

The news comes after EW shared an interview with director Rian Johnson, who confirmed that the episode will reveal what happens to the Rebels, the Death Stars, and the mysterious Kylo Ren.

“We have a great big finale,” Johnson said.

“It’s going to be pretty big.

It’s going on the big finale.

It doesn’t matter who’s there.

It has to end in a big way.

The big ending is very important to me.

I wanted it to end with the big cliffhangers and then some.”

Johnson confirmed that fans can expect the last episode to be much darker than the previous two installments, with a “bigger, more brutal” final battle.

“That is what we’re going for,” he added.

The EW interview also revealed that the finale will be a “new story” for the Rebels.

“When we’re talking about the next season, it’s going take us back to the Rebellion, but it’s really not about that,” Johnson told EW.

“There’s a new story going on that is not going to feel like the last one.

It feels like a new, different story, so it’s exciting.”

In addition to the new episode, EW revealed that there will be two additional episodes, titled “What Happened?” and “The Bigger Picture.”

The two episodes are said to focus on the events of the last season.

“What happened?

What happened to the Resistance?

Why did they fight?”

Johnson asked EW.

In addition, EW also revealed the new title for the third season, which is the title we’ve been expecting for some time now.

It will be called “What Did We Learn?

What Will We Learn?”

“We are going to tell the story of the Resistance,” Johnson continued.

“And it will have an emotional tone to it, because there are so many people that died on that ship.

And so the people on the ship will be grieving.

And they’ll be searching for answers.”

There’s a chance that “What Does the Force Have to Do With This?” will be the first episode of the third series to air, so fans will have a good idea of what to expect when the series finally premieres on December 15.

In a press release, Johnson promised that the final two episodes will be “great.”

“The ending is going to do justice to the last two episodes, but there’s a big story to tell that’s going forward,” he said.

As we previously reported, we know that Star Wars will be back for a third season by the end of 2020, so there’s no time to waste if we want to watch it again.

In fact, the second season of The Force Awakens, which wrapped on December 25, 2016, will be out by the start of 2021.

But there’s still time for fans to get a preview of the upcoming season on the show.

In November, we revealed that fans would have to wait until January 20 to see the finale of The Last Order, the seventh installment in the Star Wars saga.

There was also no word on a new “Force Awakens” film, so you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

We’ll update you as soon as we hear more about the Star War universe.