How to get the best of ‘Bachelor’ season finale

BOSTON — When the Bachelor franchise has been on hiatus for six seasons, its absence has meant more than just a break for the cast.

Its absence has also meant a renewed interest in the show and its characters.

The ABC drama is back for its second season on Tuesday at 8 p.m.


It’s the first time the show’s cast has reunited since last season, with many returning for the fourth season.

There’s a new “villain” who’s trying to kill the Bachelor (Sam Heughan), and a new guy (James Deen) who has an idea for the Bachelor.

In a world that has gone through so much upheaval in the last year, how are the Bachelor cast members coping with all the changes?

We asked them about their favorite scenes from season two, the season finale, and what the Bachelor’s return will mean for fans.

Bachelorette winner and “Bachelor in Paradise” star Kelly Stasch, whose character was featured in the series finale, is a big fan of the show.

“The Bachelor is the one show that you can call yourself a fan of, whether you’re a fan in the house or not,” she said.

She said she grew up watching the show on television and said she was always a fan.

What are some of your favorite scenes in season two?

I loved the last couple of seasons of the Bachelor, and it was great that the cast was able to reunite for the last two seasons.

But for me, it was just so much fun.

I just loved watching them all and I really liked seeing them together.

I loved the way they all interacted and I just love watching them.

What was the most challenging season?

It was a tough season, and I can’t say that there wasn’t a lot of challenges for everyone.

Do you have a favorite episode of the season?

I loved watching the finale.

It was so great that they were able to do that.

I really loved watching it.

The girls have been through a lot and they’re all just trying to figure it out and figure out who they are.

What’s the best part of the finale?

I love the fact that we were able all to come together and see each other.

What can fans expect in season three?

I’m so excited to see who the new villain is.

I’m really excited to find out what this new villain will be.

I can promise you I’m not going to tell you that.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced on the show?

I had a really tough season.

There were a lot.

I had to really get my head around some things that had to happen in order for us to be successful on this show.

I felt like my personality was a lot different than it was in the previous seasons.

I needed to get back to being myself.

What are some new challenges for the series?

I hope that people can see a different side of the girls.

They’re all really happy with who they were and who they have become.

What has it been like for the contestants to reunify for the first season?

They’ve been doing it for a long time and I think they really appreciated it.

I think it’s been very rewarding.