What does it mean to be a parent?

We’ve all seen parents in a different way at different points in our lives.

What’s the difference?

Take our poll and let us know!


Are you a parent or not?


Is your partner or not a parent?:  2.

How old are you?: 3.

Is there a family member or not?: 4.

What is your gender?: 5.

Are there siblings or not : 6.

Are they friends?: 7.

Do you have kids?: 8.

What do you want your kids to do?: 9.

Do your kids have a hobby?: 10.

How long have you been with your partner?: 11.

Is it an affair?: 12.

What are you doing for a living?: 13.

Do they have a job?: 14.

Do children have toys?: 15.

Do kids go to school?: 16.

Have you talked to your kids about their problems?: 17.

Do parents talk to each other?: 18.

Have your kids been bullied?: 19.

Have they been sexually harassed?: 20.

Have there been any physical or emotional abuse?: 21.

Have kids been abused?: 22.

Are your children close friends?: 23.

Are their friends older?: 24.

Have children ever been hurt?: 25.

Have parents gone to jail?: 26.

Have siblings been abused?


Are the kids of your kids siblings?: 28.

Have the kids attended schools?: 29.

Are kids at school?: 30.

Are children at school age?: 31.

Have problems with a sibling?: 32.

Have a problem with a parent, teacher, relative, or anyone else?: 33.

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