How to manage the stress of being a single parent

article With her husband and two children, Stephanie took a break from being a mother to go out and meet new people and take up cycling.

The couple, who were married in 2010, have a second baby on the way and a third due in the autumn.

But their relationship is fragile.

“We love each other and I miss being the mom and dad,” Stephanie said.

“There’s a lot of stress when you’re a single mother.

I miss it, but I love my kids and I’m so happy with my job.”

Stephanie and husband Mark, both retired, say they are fortunate to have both parents working in their day-to-day lives.

Read more: A year after losing her father, Stephanie still has the stress and pressure of being single parent Stephanie is currently taking the ACT test, which is designed to help young people cope with being single parents.

Stephanie, left, and husband, Mark, are both retired.

They said the stress was not a problem in their relationship.

It’s tough to be a single mum, and I don’t think it’s fair to compare the stress I’ve had to dealing with to having a dad, Stephanie said, when she is working and having the same job and trying to manage my own family life.

There are a lot more things to worry about than having a child, Stephanie and Mark said.

Stephanie said she had not had a single day of peace since she lost her father.

We need to think about the future, they said.

“What will we do when we’re old?” she said. 

“It’s really hard to put things in perspective.

I’m trying to find a balance between my work and my personal life.”

Stephane, left and Mark, right, with their children.

They were married on the anniversary of the birth of their second child.

When Stephanie lost her dad in September last year, Mark said he struggled to keep his expectations on her.

I was never the person she was, he said.

It’s not easy to be the dad I used to be.

Stephanie, left with her two sons and two daughters, said the loss of her dad had affected her deeply.

A lot of people were like ‘he was a great dad, she was a good mother, he was a nice person, but she’s no longer the person he was’, she said, adding she did not want to be left out.

Mark said he had always been proud of Stephanie for being a successful mother, but that now he had found out she was single.

She said she was not sure where she would be without her husband, but was happy with their new lives.

“It feels good to have a relationship, but not the whole thing,” she said of her new life.

“We’ve just got to work out where we’re going with this.”

Ms Kavanagh said while the loss was difficult for her, she felt like she had been given a lot by the people in her life.

She said she still had not met Stephanie, but had spoken to her several times over the last year.

The ACT results were a boost for Stephanie, who had not yet completed the ACT but had passed the initial examination.

Ms Hogg, a counsellor at St Vincent’s and The Grenfell, said she felt hopeful the ACT results would allow Stephanie to move on from the stress she had experienced as a single mom.

“We’re really hoping the results will help her move on and feel good about who she is and where she wants to be,” Ms Hogg said.

The couple are working on a new business together, with plans to open an independent cafe soon. “

There’s no one perfect, she’s going to be better for it.”

The couple are working on a new business together, with plans to open an independent cafe soon.

Mr Hogg and Ms Kavanah are happy with the results of the ACT and are planning to get the ACT number plates changed to reflect the new numbers.

They said they would like to celebrate the success of their new business with their three young children.

Their eldest, Kade, is now eight and their youngest, Max, is five.

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