How the World Cup will shake up sport in 2022

The world’s top football players and managers are set to meet in London to decide the future of world football, with the hosts expected to offer their support for the global game.

The final will be played in June 2022 in a bid to secure the 2022 World Cup.

The top four teams will qualify for the tournament, which takes place on a smaller stage and is the most prestigious tournament in world football.

The winner of the tournament will play the host nation of the 2018 World Cup, which was hosted by Germany and will be held in Russia.

The host nation will then host the next major tournament, the European Championship in 2020.

The finals are being held at Wembley Stadium, and the tournament’s official website has already confirmed the format and broadcast schedule.

Here is a rundown of who is to watch in the coming weeks: Argentina Argentina are aiming to qualify for a major tournament in the next few years.

The Argentinian champions are expected to face off against Germany at Wembley in June, the first time they have faced each other in a major competition since the 1980 World Cup finals in Japan. 

The Argentine side have not played since the defeat at the hands of Spain in the quarter-finals of the 2019 World Cup final.

They lost in the semi-finals to Mexico, which they won 4-1. 

Brazil Brazil will be looking to secure their place in the World Cups final.

The Brazilian side are in contention to reach the last 16 for the first consecutive time, having beaten Argentina 4-0 in the round of 16. 

South Korea South Korea are looking to take their chances at the last four stage of the 2022 tournament by beating hosts Australia in their final group match. 

Japan Japan are looking for a big win to take them to the semi finals of the competition, which will take place in Australia in June.

The hosts will be led by Japan’s top scorer Shinji Kagawa, who has scored 11 times in his last 12 matches. 

New Zealand New Zealander Simon Zebo is expected to miss the first four matches of the World Championship due to a groin injury. 

Belgium Belgian duo Nacer Chadli and Joris Witsel will be expected to step up their game as they look to progress to the last eight. 

France France are looking forward to their opening game against Ghana in the second round of the finals. 

Germany Germany will be playing a tough final against Russia in the group stage, with a quarter-final against Brazil on the cards. 

Spain Spain are hoping to finish in the top four of the qualifiers for the World Football Championship in 2021, but have struggled to find a way through their group. 

United States The United States are looking at the final of the 2020 World Cup in Russia, which has the potential to go all the way to the final, but the hosts are hoping for a win against their European opponents. 

Cameroon Cape Verde is looking to finish the group stages of the FIFA World Cup on a high, with Nigeria and Cameroon both looking to progress. 

Egypt Egypt are looking into their final games of the qualification campaign, with two of them looking for goals against a strong Cameroon side. 

Turkey Turkey are looking in to their last game of the qualifying campaign, as they try to keep their place as runners-up to the United States. 

India The host nation has a tough group ahead of them, with China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates all looking to reach a final. 

Iran Iran is in the hunt to reach their first World Cup semi-final in 20 years, having defeated England in the last group stage of World Cup qualifying. 

Italy Italy have two matches in the final round of qualifiers for 2021 and have a lot of work to do before they face Australia in the semifinals. 

Russia Russia is looking for the last two matches of their qualifying campaign to go their way, and have already conceded a number of goals in the past few games. Australia Australia are looking ahead to their final two games of their qualification campaign and are likely to be aiming to reach finals.