How to protect your Australian dollars

AUSTRALIA’S dollar is set to rise against the euro on Monday, but the value of your Australian dollar is likely to remain the same as it is today.The currency is set for its strongest day since May, when the Australian dollar hit a record high of $US1.2188 per US euro, according to a Reuters poll.Australia’s […]

Which Premier League clubs are worth a punt?

I’ll start with Manchester United.It’s a massive club, with a stadium that holds more than 100,000 people, the largest in the world.I’m not sure why the Premier League would consider them worth a bet.After all, it’s a Premier League club.However, they are the only team to have won the title in the modern era.So why […]

Inter Milan: Varela will leave in summer 2018

Inter Milan have confirmed that defender Varena Varella will leave the club in the summer, as the Bianconeri look to secure a Champions League spot in the Europa League.Varellas contract runs until 2019.Inter Milan are yet to comment on his departure.The 25-year-old has spent the last two seasons at the San Siro and Inter, playing […]

When the FBI raided the home of a Florida woman who says she was tortured by agents, her lawyer says it’s time for a new generation of whistleblowers

A woman who believes she was abducted by agents of the FBI and tortured at a secret prison has sued the bureau, accusing it of lying to her.The lawsuit filed in federal court in Jacksonville, Florida, says the bureau’s actions against Jessica Shaw, a Florida resident, amounted to kidnapping and torture and that agents used […]

When China’s Internet giants lose their way, it can be hard to recover

China is a country of 1.2 billion people with a sprawling economy.It has a vast number of microblogging platforms, hundreds of thousands of smartphone users, and thousands of television stations and radio stations.Nowhere is this more obvious than in China’s booming Internet market.It is a rapidly growing, rapidly mobile and rapidly interconnected market, and it […]

How to make your life a bit easier on Twitter: How to use the hashtags Social, Vote,Submit

By Alex Dolan, CNNMoneySocial,Vote and Submit are trending hashtags on Twitter.Social is the most popular, with more than half of Twitter users using it.Voting is another trending hashtag, followed byTags,Voting,Submit.The social networks also feature a few other popular hashtags:People also have a couple of choices to choose from when they’re searching for content.Some use hashtags […]

How social media helped make the internet so real, writes Jennifer P. Krieger

The social media revolution has made the internet, and the internet in particular, a central part of our lives.But now, a new generation of Americans is being asked to grapple with what it means to have the internet at their fingertips.In this conversation, Jennifer P, Kriegher, and Amy Coney-Brown explore what social media has meant […]