Trump blasts ‘crooked Hillary Clinton’ in ad featuring Obama photo

President Donald Trump blasted “crooked” Hillary Clinton for a new ad featuring the former president on the campaign trail.

In a video released Monday, the Trump campaign posted an image of Obama and his wife, Michelle, posing for a photo with the caption “It’s a special moment for the people of our great country, and it’s something we can’t forget.”

In a statement, the president said: “Crooked Hillary has lost this election and she has already conceded.

This is a sad day for the country, our democracy, and the people who voted for us.”

Obama’s campaign said in a statement that the ad is the first ad the former first lady has made in the presidential race.

The campaign said the ad “will make clear that she’s not just a Democrat who wants to raise taxes, raise the minimum wage, and roll back the Affordable Care Act.

The ad will also make clear the fact that, as president, Obama is a progressive who has supported all Americans, including working people.”

The ad will be airing on air across Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan on Monday.