When the FBI raided the home of a Florida woman who says she was tortured by agents, her lawyer says it’s time for a new generation of whistleblowers

A woman who believes she was abducted by agents of the FBI and tortured at a secret prison has sued the bureau, accusing it of lying to her.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Jacksonville, Florida, says the bureau’s actions against Jessica Shaw, a Florida resident, amounted to kidnapping and torture and that agents used force and threats to extract false information from her.

“The FBI’s actions were designed to cause Ms. Shaw distress and to induce her to cooperate in a criminal investigation,” the lawsuit states.

Shaw was a victim of the bureau when she was a 13-year-old girl in the mid-1980s.

In 1992, the FBI seized her cellphone and computer and placed her under investigation for allegedly trying to buy marijuana from an undercover agent.

The agents then allegedly took her to a secret FBI compound in Florida, where she was held for more than six months.

In January, Shaw was released from prison after a deal was reached with prosecutors.

The suit says the FBI has a “history of abusive, coercive tactics and abusive and unlawful tactics against its subjects.”

In its complaint, the woman’s attorney, Michael J. Smith, says Shaw has suffered physical and psychological injuries and has been denied the constitutional rights to a fair trial.

In a statement to FoxNews.com, the bureau said, “The allegations in this case are false and false statements.”

The agency said in a statement that the woman “was not detained, subjected to physical or psychological abuse, subjected or threatened with physical harm or injury, or denied the due process rights to counsel or to be heard.”

She was released after a negotiated settlement agreement was reached, and she is now receiving treatment for her injuries.

“All of the information provided to the court by the FBI was accurate and complete.”

Shaw’s lawyer, Joseph P. Hickey, says she is grateful to the government for its help and is relieved the lawsuit is over.

“We are very relieved that this matter has been resolved.

It was clearly wrong to treat this woman as an enemy, to detain her, to threaten her, and to place her in a dangerous environment,” he said.”

It is time to move on from this ordeal.”