How Google plans to make its next-gen advertising platform work on iOS and Android devices

With Google’s next-generation advertising platform, the company has an easy way to integrate native advertising into the mobile environment.

According to the tech giant’s executive VP of marketing, Matt Mullenweg, the new ad platform will let advertisers easily run native ads on iOS devices.

“You can put native ads right on top of the app or in the app.

And, the native ads work really well on the iPad and Android,” he told the audience at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday.

“And I think that will really accelerate adoption of the platform, because if you look at the data, when you put ads right there on the app, the ads do very well.”

The platform Mullenwag was talking about is a little-known feature of Google’s ad platform that Google has dubbed AdMob, and the company plans to unveil it at the end of the month at its annual developer conference, WWDC.

According on Google’s own developer portal, the platform lets developers integrate AdMob ads into their own apps and sites, and lets advertisers easily use their own ads to run in native ad formats.

In the past, the platforms ads have been integrated into third-party apps, like Facebook and Twitter, but Mullenwald said this will be the first time Google is offering its ad platform directly to the public.

“I think we are going to have more people use it and more people are going for it, because it will really help the ecosystem,” he said.

The company plans on using AdMob for native ads, as well as with third-parties like Facebook, and will work to make the platform available for free.

Google is also working on a “Google Ads for Mobile” app that will let developers add ads directly to their apps, and then use AdMob to run native ad campaigns on mobile devices.

Mullen said Google’s app will be open source and open to all developers.

Mullens comments come a few weeks after a report in the Financial Times claimed that Google had decided to end the free AdMob ad platform for iOS and the Android platforms.

That report was based on an internal Google memo, and did not provide any specifics about when or if the app will officially launch.

Google declined to comment when contacted by Ars.