How to avoid a Trump-Russia story

News is breaking on the Russia story that has engulfed President Donald Trump’s administration.

A story by the Washington Post that is now at the center of a major congressional investigation into Trump’s campaign’s dealings with Russia has the potential to have major consequences.

And a new Wall Street Journal report shows how the story has been manipulated by a Trump associate.

Read more » Read more News on News stories:The Washington Post story, first published Tuesday night, detailed how Trump and his top aides had secret communications with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian operatives in December 2016, months before the 2016 election.

The Post’s report has been the subject of fierce criticism from Republicans, who have been calling on Trump to release the transcripts of the conversations.

The White House has said the president has full confidence in his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who was in the room during the conversations, as well as Vice President Mike Pence and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.

Read more News coverage of The Washington Post:A new Wall St. Journal report, based on documents provided by two former U.S. intelligence officials, indicates the White House did not respond to a request by congressional investigators to publicly release transcripts of their discussions.

The Journal report suggests the White house’s refusal to release transcripts may have been influenced by a June 2016 White House directive that said that no U.N. Security Council resolution on the conflict in Syria would be discussed in private unless the president signed off on it.

Read the Journal report on The Washington Free Beacon.