Why the internet is more divided than ever

The internet is divided.

But in a country that’s not used to this kind of divide, the divide is even more pronounced.

The internet, the place where people can connect, organize, share ideas and connect on their terms, is at its best when it’s the most welcoming, inclusive, and diverse place to express themselves.

For the past year, we’ve been celebrating the diversity of our community, but now it seems that the internet isn’t quite as welcoming and inclusive anymore.

When we celebrate diversity, we don’t celebrate what makes us different.

When it comes to internet culture, it seems like some things just don’t matter anymore.

We celebrate diversity and inclusion, but then we forget to celebrate how much it means to all of us.

We’ve heard stories from people who’ve been on the internet for years and we just aren’t interested in celebrating what makes them different.

We’re too busy celebrating the other people who are sharing in their shared experiences, from the diversity that exists within us all, to be celebrating the different identities that make up the internet as a whole.

We forget to talk about who we are and what we believe, which is why so many of us feel disconnected from our communities.

We need to learn to be better advocates of diversity online, and to take a stand for who we really are.

We have to start talking about diversity and celebrating it more.

What do you do to celebrate diversity online?

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