How to avoid the dreaded ‘lady killer’

LONDON: “I will get out of the house with my wife and we’ll just get on with it.”

Those were the words that my mother-in-law used when asked how she would like to be able to take her family on holiday without her husband.

“I will be able do whatever I want,” she replied.

But my maternal grandmother, who was born in India, was not quite as lucky.

She was married off to a local Muslim man and spent most of her life in jail, with little freedom to roam.

Her fate is not unique.

Many women, and girls in particular, who marry young in the UK are forced to marry as young as 16.

The age of marriage in Britain has been raised from 15 to 16, but most of these young girls are forced into marriage as young women.

Many women are also forced to become brides in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Some of them may have had a previous miscarriage or stillbirth, but they cannot have children until they are old enough to have the legal right to marry.

This year, a new bill is being introduced to change the law to allow young women to have legal consent for marriage.

But this legislation is likely to face a difficult road to getting through parliament.

It is a new day in the life of a British girl. 

The British parliament has passed a bill which will allow 16-year-old girls to have a legal right for marriage, but is the bill going to pass?

It is difficult to gauge the support for the bill. 

In a country where more than 1,500 children are killed every year, the support from the public is still relatively weak.

But the Government is hoping to use the new law to make it easier for young women in Britain to get married, a change which would allow them to marry for life.

The law has been passed with a majority of both the Conservative and Labour parties backing it.

But the bill needs to pass the House of Lords before it can become law.

The bill allows girls from under-18 to be married in England, Wales and Scotland at the age of 16 and 17.

But a key part of the bill is that it will allow young girls to be given consent for the marriage.

This is a key piece of legislation that will make it harder for girls to get pregnant if they marry young.

The bill was introduced by Conservative MP David Davies.

Davies is currently the Home Affairs Committee Chairman of the Home affairs committee.

He is currently an MP for the constituency of Oldham West and Royton.

He introduced the bill in a bid to make Britain’s age of consent a “fair and reasonable” age for marriage in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal.

He said: “We need to make sure that this age of 18 is fair and reasonable, not just for a child, but for everyone in society.”

But many experts believe that the law will make little or no difference to the practice of marriage.

One of the biggest problems with the law is that there is a lack of information on what the age is for marriage and the ages of consent in the country. 

This is particularly a problem for young girls who have not had the chance to get a fair education.

According to the 2011 Census, one in five girls aged 16-17 was married at some point.

In order to get legal consent to marry, a girl must prove that she is at least 16 years old.

The law stipulates that a girl cannot marry at any age except the age for consent.

If a girl is at the legal age for a marriage, she is usually considered to be at least 14.

However, the law has only been passed in England and Wales, and not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

In Scotland, the age limit is 16, and the Scottish Government has stated that it has been working to make the age 18 the legal limit for marriage for young people in the last 10 years.

A report published by the National Association of Glamouristas, which has been lobbying for the law, argues that young girls need the right to choose for themselves the age when they want to marry so that they can decide if they want a family of their own.

The association’s report says that girls are now being forced into marriages where they have little or nothing in common with their future spouses.

The report says: “In many cases, girls are being forced to wed at ages that are below the legal ages for consent and the law cannot guarantee their right to decide if a marriage will take place at this age.” 

The report also says that there are many girls who marry at a young age.

The report said: “It is estimated that around 1,400 young girls marry in England every year.”

In some parts of the UK, young girls can get married at an earlier age than their parents.

For example, in Scotland, girls aged 14-15 can get legally married at the same